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Human Equity Value is the Recognition, Consideration, Protection and Procurement of Human Value and their Equity Entitlement. We have developed a curriculum used for training in Human Relations, Human Resources, Human Equity and Ethics, Sustainable Civility, Public Relations, Public Policy, HEV in Economics and Project Management.

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Introduction to HEV - Certificate Course

Construction Workers

Become a Trained Project Management Professional


Securing Biblical Narrative

Fundamentals of Biblical Studies


Become a Trained Civility Engineer

Diploma in HEV - Economics, Economic & Sustainable Civility

Preparation for the Project Management Professional Examination


In project management, the first obvious question is, who and not what is this project for? When we ask this question, it simply means that the Human Value of the client is being recognized, considered, protected and procured. Its what we may call Human Value Project Management (HVPM). 


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