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How do I contribute to Human Equity Value?

One of the major contributions anyone can make to Human Equity Value is to enroll in our courses. When you enroll, you are not just learning what HEV is, but you will become a one off, periodical or active partner in further developing the HEV narrative for successive generations. 

What is the duration of the course?

The course takes one year to complete, taking into account that each participant complete the required contact hours and credits. 

Is the certificate local or international?

Upon completion of the two faculties of disciplines we offer, each participant would receive two certificates that would bear both H.E.V.I.S. and UGCSI. There would be the HEV certificate and a seperate certificate for the fundamental biblical principles. 
A third faculty will be introduced entitled, Faculty of Civility, where participants would be disciplined in what the founder of H.E.V.I.S. calls, "Sustainable Civility ". 

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