About H.E.V.I.S.

Everyone God created has Value ~ Dr. Clyde Rivers 

H.E.V.I.S. is a community of likeminded individuals seeking to further add value to each other and humanity. We seek to help restore the importance of human value and the equity that they are entitled to by bringing awareness of its concept and principle through advocacy, training, consultation, professional counseling services and workshops.

We have developed a curriculum used for training in Human Relations, Human Resources, Human Equity and Ethics, Sustainable Civility, Public Relations, Public Policy etc.

Human Equity Value (HEV) is a searcher education model and discipline which informs both the human intellect and the human conscience.

“When leadership governs through equity, they add value to the people ~ Glendon Rudder

Grey Wall
Executive Advisory Team

Dr. Fidelia Graand-Galon - Suriname

Sir, Dr. Clyde Rivers - USA 

Resource Center

At H.E.V.I.S. we don't only educate from our searcher disciplines, but we also involve and allow each to help further develop and strengthen the narrative. We do this with the intent to secure the narrative for successive generations.

Adult Students

Course outline — Human Equity Value

1. Intro to Human Equity Value 
2. HEV - Human Relations & Human Resources
3. Creating a HEV environment.
4. How does HEV operate
5. The intrinsic nature of HEV
6. Social & Political benefits of HEV
7. Biblical worldview of HEV.

Political Agreement

Course outline — Sustainable Civility & Public Policy

1. Liberty 
2. Dignity
3. Policy
4. Georgraphy and 
5. Sovereignty 

For Governments & Nations

Course outline — Fundamentals of Biblical Principles

1. The Law and the Prophets
2. Interpreting Scripture (Exegesis)

3. Doctrine (Forming Right Doctrine)
4. The Gospel
5. Evangelism (Panevangelism).
6. The Generation Principle
7. Spiritual Warfare. 

8. Structuring your biblical narrative

Architecture Model Sketching

Project Management - Human Value Project Management