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Human Equity Value Institute & Seminary 


About H.E.V.I.S.

H.E.V.I.S. was registered in 2017 as a not for profit organization with the intent of bringing the awareness and content of its concept to humanity at large through training, advocacy, consultation and professional counselling.

Dr. Glendon Rudder is the creator of the Human Equity Value principle and concept and is the founder of its institute. 

Faculty of Human value and relations

Human Equity Value is the Recognition, Consideration, Protection and Procurement of Human Value and their Equity Entitlement. 

Faculty of Fundamentals of Biblical Principles

This faculty covers the foundational principles and teachings of God which is directed at 'Securing the Biblical Narrative for Successive Generations.

Additional Course — Sustainable Civility

We continue to hear of sustainable development, economy, energy but in order to sustain and maintain the aforementioned is to acheive sustainable civility towards civil sustainability. 

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